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Latest Complete Dowry (Jahez) Items List Price In Pakistan For 2024

If you are looking for the estimation of the complete dowry or jahez items list price in Pakistan, then you have come to the right spot. When it comes to traveling, you pack so many things for yourself, and when you go on a trip with your family, you give them a long list of stuff to carry along. It’s just a few days stay. So when it comes to your daughter’s wedding, how can you just send her without any token of love?

No one does so!

Even those who are broken, still give some dowry items or jahez to their daughters, because it’s love. And they want to do it for them.  It’s not for the world or about people,  it’s for her and their self-satisfaction.

Dowry jahez list with price in Pakistan


Although, dowry is a trait that should be discouraged because many people have made it a trend and a must-do thing, they ask for it which is actually so bad.

One should never put the burden on parents for dowry (jahez). They are already giving their beloved daughters, isn’t it too much? But still, parents never let them go empty-handed. They do something according to their desires.

But there is still a question, what to give and what not? It’s very difficult to decide.

Let’s get our hands on the complete dowry list for Muslim marriage – with prices in Pakistan, keeping in mind the traditional culture.

We have got a guideline for you. Starting from the basics and minimal like a room to a full house. Let’s check out dowry/jahez items with price in Pakistan.


Starting from basics, list some daily use items as follows:

  • Dinnerware: PKR 18000
  • Water set: PKR 10000
  • Spoon set: PKR 4000
  • Pressure Cooker: PKR 4000
  • Hot pot set: PKR 6000
  • Pan set: PKR 3000

These items are a necessity of home, You should keep these things as first priority of the dowry list for marriage.


  • Clothes (for the summer season and Fall/winter). You can include coats or sweaters, and warm shawls also.
  • Makeup: Always put some basic makeup items in her bag, like foundation or cream, lipstick, and mascara. Also, a blush on if needed.  It can be elaborated more by adding primer compact, brushes, nail paints, etc.
  • Jewelry: Then it comes to jewelry. Give at least one set of gold so that she can secure her future days, as gold is a kind of financial security. You can increase the number of sets, or if she is not a full-set person, go for bangles, rings, or earrings separately. Those delicate bracelets are a good choice if she does not want to wear bangles. The bridal set is usually supposed to be of gold, but today’s brides prefer to wear the artificial one which matches their wedding dress, people pack the set along. Or if she wants, she can wear it as well on her big day.
  • Shoes: Coming forward to shoes, keep at least four to five pairs of shoes. Which include all types of shoes. Chappals, flats, sandals, and heels also never forget to get one pump or sneakers kind of shoe.  This also depends on what style you want to keep more, which you are comfortable in.


If you wish to extend it next target is the bride’s bedroom.

  • Complete bedroom sets are available in the market, or if you don’t want the complete set, shrink it to a bed, side tables, a dressing table, and a small table, or chairs may be.
  • The complete set of bedrooms includes a Bed, 2 side tables, and a dressing table with a sitting stool: PKR 180000.
  • Dining Table: PKR 90000
  • Sofa set: PKR 60000, with a table according to the bedroom size.
  • You can go for a sofa or room chairs along with tables as well.
  • You can always add decorative items according to your desires.
  • People put bed sheet sets, pillows, blankets, and quilts as well. But that all depends on your budget and wish.


If This is not it and you want to do it more, jump up to Jahez package list of Electronics.

  • TV: PKR 450000
  • Hair dryer: PKR 1000
  • Hair Straightener: PKR 2500
  • Iron: PKR 3000
  • Juicer, and blender: PKR 15000
  • Microwave: PKR 26000
  • Washing machine: PKR 55000
  • Refrigerator: PKR 57000
  • Maybe some extra stuff like a toaster PKR 1500, sandwich maker, etc.

This was all about household. Jahez is not only household stuff. It includes the stuff you give to the bride.


How do you manage the wedding jahez list?

We are answering this question right below.

Try keeping unstitched or modifiable clothes more, so that they can be used in the long run. Keep the stitched one too, that should be sufficient for the girl to at least deal with the first season after marriage. It depends on her usage that how many clothes she needs. 15 to 20 dresses, on the whole, are enough.

Try keeping semi-casual outfits more, they’re helpful because she would have to attend many dinner or lunch invitations after marriage. So she can wear them on those occasions. Also, girls are supposed to stay dressed up and ready in the early days of the wedding.


This is all for a standard jahez items list price in Pakistan, you can visit the market to get more details for a high or low price list in Pakistan. You can find various complete Jahez packages in Pakistan, to save time and money and enjoy the wedding on a budget.

The dowry/jahez tradition is probably a lame thing, but this is being sewn into our minds and cultures. Because all parents wish to do something for their beloved daughters. But even in all these circumstances, we suggest every parent or guardian de-motivate and discourage people who ask for it.

Don’t think for a second and refuse those kinds of proposals. Never give your daughters in the hands of people who have this kind of greedy wealth and fall into the materialistic category. They live for money, not people.

May The Almighty secures the future of every girl, and save them from the wrong people. Ameen.

So make your list up and get started with the shopping. We hope this subject gave you enough ideas about what and what not to do!